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We are called to the Great Banquet to make reunion groups. As Eduardo Bonin, one of the founders of the Cursillo movement said, “We must bear in mind that reunion groups are not held so that there may be people attend weekends, but the weekend is held so that there may be people to make reunion groups.”

The Reunion Group is an aid to keep our Christian lives and our life in Christ conscious, growing and more effective. Christ said, “ Where two or three are gathered in My name; there am I…” The reunion groups are something done for our Lords sake. We should take them seriously and prayerfully. We must serve and dedicate ourselves to Christ so we may know, love and serve Him better.






Some Guidelines for Effective Groups:

SMALL: The group should consist of 3-6 members. If the group is too large, break into smaller groups and encourage individuals wanting to join to begin a new group.

SERIOUS: Deal with things that are significant about your service to our Lord. Use the reunion group order card as a guide for your discussion. Rotate through the sections.

SINCERE: Members must be open and honest, even when that may be uncomfortable. Be aware that Christ is working in the world through you.

DISCREET: What is said at group, stays at group and is only repeated with permission.

REGULAR: Be on time. Be the one the group depends on to be present. Meet weekly, or at least every other week. If everyone does not attend regularly it will not develop and may soon fail.

SHORT: Set a prearranged time limit and stick to it. One hour to on and on half hour is about right.

CHANGE LEADERSHIP: No one individual is ever to be responsible for initiating discussion. Leadership responsibility is to be shared.

HAVE FUN: Plan events other than reunion group meetings. This helps you develop friendships in the group. Serve in mission work, go out to dinner, serve at Banquet events.

REVIEW: Occasionally review the success of the group. How can we improve? How can we better serve our Lord?



Thanks to the Heartland Great Banquet for wording ideas for this page layout. 


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