Logansport Great Banquet

The Great Banquet is a three-day experience of renewal, learning, and sharing in the atmosphere of a Christian community.  It is a different experience for each individual.  It does not provide a climate for the resolution of deep-seated problems, but is designed to help mature people toward a Christian way of life with community support.  Husband and wife are invited as a couple, although they attend separately; usually the husband first.  Each person submits a separate reservation; married couples are asked to turn in both reservations at the same time, if possible.  Reservations are returned to the sponsor who completes a Sponsor's Form and sends both to the Community Lay Director.

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There is no specific charge for the weekend, but you will be given the opportunity to make an offering if you so desire.  You may give any amount or nothing.  We do request a $20.00 registration fee, which should be given to your sponsor along with this completed reservation.  Make your check payable to The Logansport Great Banquet.  Early registrants will be notified by mail of their acceptance approximately 6 weeks before the start of the banquet.  Since we have a limited number of spaces for guests, you may be placed on a waiting list.  If the situation should arise, are you willing to fill an opening up to the day of the Banquet?    Yes /  No








Sponsor Information

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Please have your sponsor return this form (and their Sponsorís Form) to:
Logansport Great Banquet
Calvary Presbyterian Church
701 W. Spencer St.
Logansport, IN 46947